Calling Liberty Out

Jason Matthew Gronberg gronjm02
Tue Feb 16 15:19:09 CST 1999

Going to try to advocate the permtation.  I agree with jake that Falwell's
comments do not and should not reflect negatively in any way on the team
itself or any individual member.  Moreover, criticisms of Falwell's
statement should be directed at him and not any member of the Liberty team
who may try to explain/defend falwells statement.

there is a big but waiting after saying that.  If the individual from
Liberty, or anyone else for that matter, tries to justify falwell's
comment, then they are fair game.  i think it's important that we
distinguish between individual ideas and team policies or idealogies.
Again, if Bret O'donnel announces that falwell's opions DO reflect team
policy, then I think, those can and should be debated.  To my knowledge,
the Liberty Coaches have made no such decleration.

As for Tilley's comment.  I must agree with Stubbs.  It is clear that
Falwells hands are involved with the denounciation. Trying to play it off
is a little off base.  But here I want to be careful, because I'm not sure
if the statements made in Tilley's email were his own opinion, or the opion
of the article he had quoted.  I will wait for a response before

Just a thought

Jason Gronberg
Homeless Debater

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