Chris Cooper ccooper
Thu Feb 18 15:51:28 CST 1999

I've never understood the nexus between gay rights advocacy and hate crimes
legislation either.  And I'm a very vocal critic of HRC (aka the Elizabeth
Birch Society).  :-P


>If a woman is raped by a man -- is it any less a rape if it wasn't motivated
>by "hate"?
>Or, are all crimes really "hate" crimes -- because they could be based on
>the hatred of society, laws, or human dignity?
>This talk about "hate crimes" seems to demean the victims of rape, murder or
>other violent -- or even non-violent crimes -- whose motivating factor isn't
>seen as "hatred".
>In my opinion, murder is murder -- and rape is rape.  Whatever the
>motivation -- whether it's to feel "powerful" or because someone doesn't
>like the color of my skin -- the crime is wrong period.  Are you willing to
>tell a grieving family that their murdered son -- who was killed by a
>drive-by shooting, while playing at a local pool isn't as important (or the
>crime isn't) as another boy killed because of his race, religion or sexual
>orientation?  That's not a position I'm willing to take.
>I'd like to know what the REAL difference is, and how having the motivating
>factor being "hatred" somehow deserves a special criminal classification.
>Lisa Kanak

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