thanks muchly

Emma Filstrup filsen00
Sun Apr 2 13:23:22 CDT 2000

like many others, i often imagined giving my final round speech.  i
never had a chance to, but that just means that i can post an *even
longer* version on e-debate... so hah! :)  i know i've probably left
people out, but hopefully i had a chance to thank most of you personally
at the ndt.

i have been blessed with coaches who are not only giants but also some
of the kindest people i know.  mr. kane and john niedfeldt-thomas
fundamentally changed my life.  dr. al and ross, partners in crime, did
everything right.  they always made me feel that i had a special place
on the team and are two of my most important father figures.  pete
krein, adrienne brovero, patrick mcmullen, stefan bauschard, max
schnurer, judd kimball, jason jarvis, jim lyle, elisia cohen, aaron
harmon, sandra mccullough, and judd renken: i hope i've thanked you all
individually... you are the best.  eric truett was there at the very
beginning and the very end, and that means more to me than you'll ever

thank you also to four very special people who put up with me as a
debate partner, anal color coordination and all.  ryan sparacino, better
known to me as bean, has been a valued friend and has set a standard of
excellence ever since first grade when he sniffed a mountain of salt up
his nose for a dollar.  :)  eric grynaviski is one of the most brilliant
and endearing people on earth.  justin green gave me more confidence
than anyone i've ever met, and a damn cool secret handshake too.  :)
finally, jarrod atchison sacrificed a lot more than his speaker
positions this semester so that i could stay in this crazy and wonderful

wake forest debaters past, present and future have provided me with a
built-in family wherever i go.  andy geppert just keeps getting cooler,
and clay rhodes is a primo fashion consultant... but more importantly
you are both outstanding friends.

throughout my seven years, i have been provided with constant
inspiration.  it would impossible for me to list more than a few names
here, but these are some of the greatest hits: rachel saloom and her
inspirational talks and cards, kristin langwell and her infectious good
spirits, aaron monick, corey stoughton, leslie wexler, and kate shuster.
and many of you never knew how important you were to me: scott
deatherage, david heidt, josh hoe, chris lundberg, biza repko, brent
seimers, and danielle wiese work overtime to be community role models,
and you were mine too.

my thanks also to many rising stars.  kenda cunningham, adriana midence,
and wake's first years and sophomores (go asskickers!) remind me that
i'd better make it out to a few tournaments next year.

there are such things as soulmates.  i continue to regard alysia
cockrell with awe, as a brilliant, truly beautiful person who has been
my guide and confidante, and my best friend.  and chris pudelski is not
only way too tall, but far too amazing a debater to have gone out the
way he did (and btw, that almost ruined the whole trophy boyfriend
thing).  you have both taught me so much about debate and life, and i
love you with all my heart.

finally, as anyone will tell you, i am a big sappy wuss.  if i could
leave you with a small piece of wisdom that these people have shared
with me, it would be to value the sense of community debate brings to
us.  take care of your teams and your teammates.  and take care of

~ emma

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