We Need a New Exec Secretary

Terry West west
Sun Apr 2 18:04:39 CDT 2000

OK, Bear, it's time someone called you to task for your continued ridiculous statements.

Let's hear some examples of your marvelous leadership.  District IX NDT tournament really went swell, didn't it?

Hey everyone, post up.  Who's following Bear to debate perfection-land?

Terry West

>>> Michael Bear Bryant <MWBRYANT at AOL.COM> 03/30/00 09:59 AM >>>
In a message dated 03/30/2000 9:19:08 AM Mountain Standard Time, West at suu.edu

<< I'm calling bullshit on this.  You're the regional rep now, and I didn't
see you getting an early start on your commitment to the Executive Council by
attending open meetings.  If it's so easy to "analyze" everything, why did
this catch you by surprise as well?  I did the best I could.  Instead of
ranting on e-debate, I went back and looked at the constitution--EVEN THOUGH
I'M NOT THE DAMN REP ANYMORE--and apparently solved the problem by finding
the 30 day notification requirement.  Greg himself apparently discovered a
tradition (although it's not in the constitution) of region changes taking
place the FOLLOWING year, and volunteered this information to Gina Lane.  The
two apparently have agreed to send the first place trophy to CEU and have new
trophies made for the appropriate 2nd and 3rd places.

 Waiting to see your version of the perfect Executive Council and the perfect
regional rep,

 Terry West
 Southern Utah >>

Yes, Terry, we will miss the greatness of your leadership. It revitalized the
District. Sorry, but I can't even find a copy of the Constitution.

Simerly manipulated you folks. He knew exactly what he was doing. The words
of Jim Hanson make that clear. You sure seemed to shut your ususally critical
analysis off when it came to protecting a frmer Saluki master.

I will not be perfect, but I will be a different type of rep than you were.
That's not an insult. I just believe that it's time someone tried to wake up
some of the folks on the Exec Council.

Enjoy life, it slips away too quickly. Congrats on the Third place regional
trophy you should soon receive.


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