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Aaron Timmons timmonsa
Tue Apr 18 15:03:32 CDT 2000

Dear Community,

As we approach this years High School Tournament of Champions, several
coaches have commented to me that one thing we don't have, at the TOC, is a
judge philosophy form to help in the process of coaching our students. After
communicating with JW he has graciously allowed us to have a form for all
people judging at this years TOC. The form, which is attached to this post,
is modeled after the form for CEDA/NDT. Allow me to say that this form is
just a guideline of things debaters and coaches need to know to make
strategic choices and ultimately for better debates at TOC. Feel to add
things to the philosophy you think is needed and/or don't answer questions
that you might be uncomfortable with. Putting the answers in paragraph form
seems to work best for CEDA/NDT.

I have volunteered to put together this information which will be available
at registration at TOC. Please send your completed philosophy to me at
timmonsa at <mailto:timmonsa at> . The deadline that
has been set is May 1st. If you are a coach and are hiring outside help
please forward this message to them. If you know people that are judging
that might not subscribe to the cx-l or eDebate please forward this to them
as well.

Please email me if you have any questions. The students and coaches will
appreciate your well though out philosophies!

Aaron Timmons
Greenhill Debate


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