Update: List of CEDA Reforms

Joshua Hoe ifjxh
Wed Apr 19 16:55:00 CDT 2000

OK...I am going to wade in just to help facilitate discussion of these

>1. Gender inclusiveness in the language and goals of the CEDA Sexual
>Harassment Statement.

Great idea...I would add that some reforms in the research methods that are
used in the nationals surveys as well

>2. Expand sexual harassment to go beyond sexual-forms of harassment and
>allow intersectional claims.

Excellent idea #2

>3. Enforce the rule against tournaments failing to report results of their
>tournament for sweepstakes calculation.

And how exactly would you do this fairly?  Either way students are punished
for the actions of coaches.  This one is going to be pretty tough to

>4. Give non-policy award recipients the same size awards.

Good idea as long as we agree as a group to increase membership dues the
same amount.

>5. Have an updated version of the Constitution, including pending
>amendments, placed on a public web-page.

Great idea....Many times the people responsible for committees are not
technologically together enough to be responsible for web page construction
and I imagine the problems with the constitution may have to do with the
sheer volume of amendments that we pass year to year.

>6. Interactive Web pages for all CEDA committees.

Is someone going to volunteer for this?  I know I have no idea how to out
together a good accessible web site???  Just passing this without actually
suggesting a means of getting it done seems a little irresponsible (passing
the buck).

>7. Changing the current format of two one-hour long Business Meetings, per

To what?

>8. Allowing more official business to take place outside the Business

How? I am asking whoever suggested this not indicting Bear

>9. Prohibiting secret ballot votes by the Executive Committee.

Sounds like a good idea.....People should be accountable

>10. Pushing back the selection of final topic areas until after the

As long as you have a way to make the shortened wording paper period that
would result from this productive more power to you!

>11. Stopping season contraction, and March tournament madness, by
>to push CEDA Nationals back.

I disagree with this....You will kill the tournament if you move it away
from traditional spring break periods.  We already have trouble getting

>12. Scaling back the length of the CEDA Nats Award ceremony.

Disagree with this as well...There is nothing wrong with spending a few
hours celebrating what we do.

>13. Eliminate non-policy division at CEDA Nats

No real opinion either way on this

>14. Extend the breaking of brackets to include the final day of elimination
>rounds at CEDA Nats.

I am pretty opposed to breaking brackets...It seems to me it becomes
affirmative action for the privledged

>15. Official attempts at coordinating with other organizations to prevent
>major nationals from falling on the same weekend.

Good idea

>16. A term-limit on the length of time that any Executive Officer can
>consecutively hold office.

Many times this happens because nobody else wants to do the job....If we
found a way to make jobs like Executive Secretary or Treaurer more
attractive maybe they would rotate more???

>17. An effort to coordinate with NDT in establishing similar official
>geographical boundaries for regions/districts.

Good idea....It is very confusing being in two very different districts for

>18. Encouraging regional tournaments by only counting elim points (in
>sweepstakes) from quarterfinals on at any tournament.

This assumes that sweepstakes points are still the prime determination of
tournament attendence....I am not sure that is still the case.

>19. Establish an accountable committee to coordinate development (corporate
>donations) and public relations, including hiring of PR firms.

I think we tried this several times and then voted against the suggested

>20. More attempts to encourage CEDA debaters to cross-over and perform
>individual events.

uh...maybe I am crazy here but what exactly stops that now?  I think the
main problem is lack of common tournaments not organizational issues????  At
ASU where we had common tournaments everyone did both at least a few
times....Not all districts have plentiful common tournaments.

>21. Reforms in the way we approach non-policy.


>22. An end to the topic merger between NDT and CEDA.

Why?  I will answer this one when there is a more coherent defense of such a

>23. Specify the job of the topic committee as being allowed to eliminate
>they deem "un-debateable" and also maybe allow a provision to allow the
>community at large to put a topic back up with like a 3/4 vote.

We already have the mandate.....And I am ok with the other part although I
am not sure the Exec. Secretary would be thrilled.

>24. Some kind of rule about how points move when you change districts, so
>people can't switch just to win trophies.

Good idea...seemed to end up working out well but too ad hoc in the old
status quo.

>25. Change the national rankings system to reflect open or varsity, junior
>varsity, and novice participation. This does not mean a combined award is
>foregone (thought it could.) Fundamentally, call it what it is and if the
>current Exec. Sec. thinks this is too mch work, resign.

Well that is unduly harsh....and why is it that we need seperate awards?
Executive Sec. is probably the most thankless job in the entire

>26. Immediately and without equivocation, rank parliamentary debate not as
>separate ranking system but integrate it. Co-optate or be co-optated.

What?  Why in the world would we want to do this?

>27. Rotate the National Tournament operating committee. Too many people
>been running the tournament for too many years. They seem to treat as their
>own property which it isn't.

Each president is responsible for the operating committee....Lobby each new
president and you will have different committees.

>28. A better, more integrated, set of CEDA webpages.

We need better tech but who would do the upkeep?  Who would set it up....Not
a bad idea but we need to empower organizational tech resouces in addition
to making it a mandate.

>29. Establish a committee to examine how to best "internationalize"
>research-based policy debate.


>The wording of the last few additions were left as submitted, for extra
>context. Again, I'm not endorsing (yet)  any of these reform proposals. I'm
>just interested in collecting some specific ideas from CEDA members on
>that might help reform the organization. I'm guaranteeing anonymity, I'm
>looking for everyone's ideas.
>Thanks and keep it coming,


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