1st salvo about Africa topic

Ryan Galloway rgallo
Wed Apr 26 20:34:31 CDT 2000

Thought I would fire the first salvo about the Africa topic:

I would highly encourage the community NOT TO INCLUDE THE PHRASE

1) Legitimates an overly generic counterplan that would divert focus from
the nature of the topic countriesHaving seen three manifestations of the
development/security assistance topics, I can assure you that one of the
easiest Counterplans to research is the "do the plan not as development
assistance" Counterplan.  I feel it is time we re-evaluate writing into
the topic textual competition for these type of PIC's.  The Title 7 topic
quickly became the Courts/Clinton topic, where the substantive discussion
about the topic was largely ignored.  Having seen three manifestations of
this particular topic, defining a budgetary category as the action to be
undertaken into the resolution will lead to this result.

2) Been there, done that.  We should move to find other ground rather than
a rehash of a previous PIC.  I would prefer a topic that had a small
amount of countries and greater range for the action that the Affirmative
could undertake.  In many ways, last year's topic was good, because we
only talked about 5 countries.  But by forcing the Aff. to lift sanctions
in every debate, the topic became stale quickly.  My idea:  Few countries
but greater range for action.  I would be up for even "change foreign
policy" or "change foreign aid policy" if I knew we were only talking
about 5-6 countries  (sidenote:  PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE list the

3) Writes a Kritik link into the topic.  Requires very little work to be
done by the Negative to have a Counterplan or Kritik strategy built into
the topic.  At least make the Negative work for their links

Africa is an underdebated area of the world.  The issues confronting these
nations are quite different than other nations in the world.  Let's
actually try and debate about those countries, and not whether or not
doing the plan through the ESF budget is superior to doing the plan
through the AID budget


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