Foreign Policy Debate Association

David Berube bigtrouble36
Thu Apr 27 09:19:05 CDT 2000

Two notes --

1. Please consider that there are sophomores who will be debating next year
who will have debated three foreign policy topics in a row. I'm not sure
that is that best way to teach contest debating. Of course, for those of you
who aren't into the teaching element of the activity, this complaint with
read meaninglessly. Would the topic committee seriously reconsider
scheduling topic selection so that we rotate through foreign policy and
domestic/legal policies?

2. There is no way to avoid kritiks, esp. developmental assistance kritiks,
with an Africa topic. All you can do is weaken the link story, but the
impact story will overwhelm the link problems. I am more concerned we open
the agent issue and restrict the geographical breadth of the topic.

Thanks for listening.

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