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Fri Apr 28 13:42:38 CDT 2000

E-Debate Community,
   In the last few days, I have seen Bear unjustifiable attack numerous
people, including my very good friend Glen Prince. I know that in the name
of free speech, Tuna will not kick Bear off the list serve. So, here is my
proposal. Shun him. No matter how nasty, offensive or outright wrong Bear
is, just don't respond. If we all do this, perhaps it will be effective.
Also, if you have hotmail, block him. That way, you don't have to get any of
his nasty emails that clog up your inbox. Just a suggestion.
  Erin Bailey
  South Carolina Debate
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Subject: Re: The forgotten DCA award aka The Bailey controversy
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In a message dated 4/28/00 12:25:00 PM Mountain Daylight Time,
jatwood at writes:

> Bear,
>   I see that your posts have spiraled into a discussion about elitism and
>  away from the "Bailey" controversy....I simply wanted to answer your post
>  to me.....
>   I agree that elitism and racism exist in every aspect of life. Debate is
>  no exception. However, you picked a truly atrocious example when you
>  targeted Bailey's bio. You have the right to espouse all of the
>  unsupported opinions that you desire to, so I will leave you to that
>  task. A task that seems to occupy most of your leisure time. I am sure
>  that your post to me had some element of the quality argumentation that
>  we love in the debate world while incorporating brilliant humor -- but I
>  failed to see it. Maybe I haven't been to enough National
>  Tournaments? Maybe I am not a part of the "insiders" of debate so their
>  jokes escape me? I don't know...What your post did make me realize is
>  that the DCA categories should expand.
>   I think that there is one award that Jason neglected to include in the
>  DCA....I think that you would have won hands I am nominating you
>  for next years DCA for Person able to use the most "ism's" (I call it the
>  Bear Byant Award!)in a single post (sexism, racism, elitism). Will anyone
>  second the nomination???  Oops, you have been nominated for a DCA...does
>  that mean that you are part of the elitist establishment that is
>  corrupting the core of the debate community?? I think that I am starting
>  to see your point about elitism...
It must be a right of passage to try to provoke me. I'll make two quick

1. Your personality is as abrasive as mine. What gives you the moral right to
declare what type of sexist humor is worth being upset over? If it's not
right for men to set the boundaries of acceptable sexist humor for women, why
do you feel you have the right to define what is acceptable sexual humor to
me? I think you might wanttothink this through just a little further.

2. Are you really suggesting that elitism in debate doesn't exist. I've been
in this community for 25 years. In that time period, i've been on both sides
of the fence. Was pretty much a debate "elite" myself before seeing how evil
some of the elitist actions can become. Your little DCA joke isn't very
funny. And if you think that debate is elitist-free you, with al due respect,
are blind as a bat.

I'd really prefer to not continue thisthread with you any longer. It seems to
be degenerating a rate quicker than most of my dialogues. Closing your mind
to the possibility of elitism in debate is very similar to closing your mind
to the actuality of a neo-Nazi presence in northern Idaho. I'm not calling
all debaters elitist, just as I never called everyone in Idaho a Nazi. Both
do exist, in the real world....

Please stop. You are not allowing this dialogue to go anywhere.

accepting the award for most hated fool in debate. I know my place.

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