Anti-wording paper: NO list of countries.

kevin kuswa k.kuswa
Fri Apr 28 18:16:42 CDT 2000

I'm working on a topic wording paper against any topic that uses a list of
countries to designate the "place" of Africa in the resolution.  If anyone's
interested, contact me.

To begin, a "list" of countries does not come close to approximating Africa.
Having debated the phrase "Africa nations," a list of countries will erase a
number of unique and changing cultural formations.  A list of countries
would be a cop-out bordering on racism.  The major argument here is that a
series of discrete "governments-as-territories" would hurt overlap, diminish
other agents making up Africa, exclude other areas, and encourage a certain
type of diplomacy.  These last few ideas are in development and will appear
in an anti-wording paper.


ps--stephen stetson adds that such a list would replicate the carving up
process that screwed up the African economies in the first place.

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