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Brandon Berg Bberg6
Fri Apr 28 20:27:20 CDT 2000

Why don't they ever say anything on EDEBATE?  Not meaning to imply anything
by this just asking a question......

Brandon Berg
MHS '02
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From: "Michael Bear Bryant" <MWBRYANT at AOL.COM>
Sent: Friday, April 28, 2000 5:09 PM
Subject: Personal Thanks

> It's been a hard day. A lot of people calling me everything from crazy to
> sexist. But I  also want to thank a good number of you that have sent
> supportive backchannels and the few that admit that my argument regarding
> reverse sexist humor is right openly on the list. Again thanks, even my
> steel-like sensitivities would've been crushed without this support.
Here's a
> very common backchannel I'm received from numerous supporters:
> > for the sake of people proud to see you fighting back against the over
> > sensitive, please don't give up.  most people (although they can't
> say
> > it ) who i know and talk to support you fully and agree with all you
> > said.  i am out of the college scene and coaching high schpool, so I can
> > representative, but don't back off, you are right
> Thanks, folks, some of you out there are awesome people!
> Bear

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