Africa Links: Discussion anyone?

Jason Gronberg gronjm02
Sun Apr 2 07:24:20 CDT 2000

>Hey Ya'll,
>I found these cites useful in learning more about the Africa area.  Maybe
>we should discuss it.  Does nobody want to talk about it b/c it is a
>foregone conclusion that it is going to win?

I certainly dont think so.  There are some pretty good topic papers out
there.  Why dont we talk about sthose for a few minutes?
Jason M. Gronberg
Department of Public & International Affairs
George Mason University

Maybe I'm blind
But that's okay, sometimes
The world can be unkind
But there's a new world out there
There's a little cafe down there
I just want to sit there

Every time I see my face there
That will be the last time I try to become something else
That's fine, you've got to live your life
That's fine you've got to do what's right
I'm just trying to be calm
But the rain keeps pouring down.

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