The Death Star problem

Ryan Glinski glinski
Sun Apr 2 15:24:31 CDT 2000

interesting point, but i think i have a solution.  the problem with most
lasers as weapons is the opposite of the one you presented, they won't stay
concentrated.  the military ran into this problem while trying to develope
gamma ray guns (yes they were seriously trying to make phasers).  it's easy
to generate a bunch of high energy light, but once generated it goes off in
random directions.  so while the guns the military made could effectively
kill somebody at a range of say 1 inch, all it did was cause a bad sunburn
at 3 or 4 feet.  i'm not exactly sure what the solution is, but it's
something along the lines of creating a magnetic field around the light to
prevent other forces acting on it, the stuff creating the field has to be
non-reactive of course which is why it never worked.  but the empire has
seemed to solve this problem.  so let's say they use the laser to drill all
the way through to the center of alderan, then turn the magnetic field off,
the light would start scattering everywhere, effectively boiling the center
of alderan, there's no way the one small little hole could relieve all that
pressure, so alderan would go boom.
see, physics always wins,

>"Physics always ends up colliding head-to-head with philosophy."
>      --  Doctor Julian Bashir, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine _Millennium:

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