End of the Year Party

Sarah Michell Glaser glasers
Mon Apr 3 09:12:47 CDT 2000

I hope that everyone has fully recovered from the insanity of nationals
and is ready to celebrate the end of yet another debate season. Since this
will be both my last debate season and end of the year party, I am
determined to make it the best!

I tried to talk to people individually at nationals, but I know I didn't
make it around to trying to persuade everyone that should come to get off
their butts and come (back) to Kansas for a rip-roarin, keg-standin,
amazingly good time.

The info:

Dates: Fri 14th - Sun 16th
Location: 1119 Thurston St Manhattan KS 66502
          This is my address and will be the location of most of the
party. There are plenty of Manhattan kids who are willing to house people
- Monte Stevens, Justin Green/Isaac West, Scott Herndon,
Katie/Melissa/Paul....these people should be contacted individually so
they have some idea who/how many to expect. In truth I have no idea
whether to expect 20 or 50 people. I do know this: my house is large but
has only one bathroom and showering everyone may be a problem. If this
doesn't bother you, so be it. It may be a good idea for a lot of people to
pitch in for a hotel room that you can use as a place to shower, etc. If
you already know you want a hotel room, please contact me or the hotel #s
I have listed below ASAP. Last year the whole town was booked that

What to bring: pillow and towel for sure, please.

Directions: from I-70 West: Exit 313 to 177 North.
                            Stay on this road into town - it will turn
                            into Pierre Street.
                            Right on 11th; about 12 blocks to Thurston St.
                            White house, red door.

           from I-70 East:  Exit 305 (? - it's marked).
                            Follow hwy signs to Manhattan - hwy will turn
                            into Fort Riley Blvd.
                            Left on 17th St.
                            Right on Anderson/Bluemont.
                            Left on 11th St to Thurston.

I don't think anyone will come in any other way. If so, get back to me

Hotels: Fairfield Inn  800-228-2800
        Holiday Inn (far, far from my house) 800-465-4329
        Ramada (ver, very close to my house) 785-539-7351
        Super 8 537-8468

most of these are definitely driving distance except the Ramada.

Hope to see all of you soon!!

Sarah Glaser

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