Update: List of CEDA Reforms

Krueger mkrueger
Thu Apr 20 11:16:00 CDT 2000

Like others, I appreciate the dialogue.  I don't know if Glen Strickland
is on edebate or not, so I will speak out on this.  It is my
understanding that CEDA is going to have its own webpages (not that CEDA
is not appreciative of the efforts of Tuna, Vermont, and Debate Central
because I believe the officers of CEDA are and other CEDA members are as
well), with its own webmaster.

The organization is in the process of procuring a domain name (I believe
the domain name that is being procured is www.cedadebate.org or
something like that (ceda.org is something else).

I am on the committee (or at least was asked by Glen to be on the
committee) to help design and maintain the webpages.

We have not had a meeting to officially discuss what we envision being
on the webpages, but they would include, but not be limited to many of
the concerns on this list.

We certainly would have a copy of the constitution, including updates as
they are passed, as well as texts of pending resolutions.

We would have officers and information about them, and we could have
discussion groups (boards).

There could be a wealth of information that could be on the website;
please let me know what you (the community) would like to be able to
find there and we (the committee) will try to make sure that it is

I will also try to make sure that the web pages are easy to navigate and
that all information is easy to find.

These are the concerns given to Bear, and I believe they will be easy to
address, once this gets going.  As soon as the domain name and server
are procured, this will be an easy task to start.  Hopefully, this can
be started substantially this summer.

> 5. Have an updated version of the Constitution, including pending
> amendments, placed on a public web-page.
> 6. Interactive Web pages for all CEDA committees.
> 28. A better, more integrated, set of CEDA webpages.

One last issue that I want to address is this one...

> 27. Rotate the National Tournament operating committee. Too many people have
> been running the tournament for too many years. They seem to treat as their
> own property which it isn't.

The tournament operating committee has been changing substantially over
the years.  In the last few years, Pam Stepp, Tuna Snider, Carrie
Crenshaw, and Gina Lane have been in charge of the tournament.  I
daresay they have differences in vision for the national tournament.
Two are from the northeast, one midwest, one south central.  Glenda
Treadaway (southeast) is next, followed by Greg Achten and Shawn Whalen,
both of the West Coast.  It seems to me that the presidency of CEDA is
moving around the country, and though there are some friends that have
been president, they all seem to have differing visions or likely will
have (after talking to Greg and Shawn in the tab room this year).

It seems like it doesn't change, because the people who are going to
host are on the committee, so it only changes one person a year.
However the guidance and vision of the president largely influences how
the tournament is run.  Though Gary Larson often runs the tab room (with
Wayne Kraemer), he doesn't control how things happen.  He takes
direction from the president and does the best he can, giving input.  I
can't imagine a better tab room person than Gary.  He made everything
run amazingly well.

Of course, Greg and Russ have also been helping with the tournament for
alot of years, but their function is minimal really.  Russ basically
writes the checks, and Greg tabs the points for the regional and
national sweepstakes awards.  There influence on the tournament is
pretty minimal.

So sure, for three years, a person is involved.  But the hosts change
every year, and the president changes every year.  Hopefully each
national tournament will improve from the problems faced by the past
national tournament.  That is why I was in the tab room this past year,
so as host in 2001 I can anticipate the needs of the tournament staff
and the tournament participants.

Again, it seems as if I am defending the status quo (how terrible), but
the point behind this post is to answer the claim that "the same people
seem to be running the national tournament."  I thought I would just
explain why that might be perceived to be true, and the reason why, even
if it is true, it can be helpful.

That's it.


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