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Wed Apr 26 20:10:45 CDT 2000

By the time this reaches Edebate, I assume a number of the questions will have
been answered several times.  The Sheraton Westport is the hotel where the
meetings will be held.  All are welcome as they have been in the
past.  There is a block under CEDA or Cross Examination Debate Association.
Call the hotel directly and not the 800 line.  If you call the hotel, tell
them not to switch you back to the national reservations center.  You need to
make reservations now.  There is an early cut off date.  There is a special
rate.  If the block fills up which is likely, then perhaps we can get it
expanded.  Scott Jensen is our local contact.

The Sheraton Westport is the best place to stay if you are flying into St.
Louis.  There is a free shuttle to the hotel and all kinds of restaurants and
shopping near by.  You will not need a car.

Again, you probably have more information by the time this reaches edebate.

I am in Montana and do not have access to all my files on the arrangements.
do believe you will have sufficient information posted by Scott Jensen, Glenda
Treadaway or Greg Achten.

Hope to see a big turnout.

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>>Could someone please post the info on the hotel and dates for the summer
>>topic committee and CEDA Exec Council meetings. I know it's in early June in
>>St. Louis, but can we get specific dates and hotel info?
>>Have I missed this, because I know it's been asked for several times.
>Topic meeting is afternoon of Wednesday, June 7 through early afternoon of
>Friday, June 9.  EC meeting is afternoon of June 9 through morning of June
>Hotel is Sheraton Westport, (314) 434-5010.  There should be a block of
>room, probably under codeword CEDA.  They have an airport shuttle.
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