Africa Might Not Need a List

Ben Osborne osdip
Sat Apr 29 23:30:43 CDT 2000

I just wanted to respond to this discussion. I wrote earlier about the need
to divide up the topic some because the subject of Africa is so huge. There
have been many people who debated the 88-89 Africa topic and they have
claimed that it was able to be done back then before Lexis etc. I think that
this is the problem really. Lexis and other research tools (like expanded
ILL) have not only made research materials more easily available, they have
also proliferated the amount of research that there is. I debated on a high
school team from 91-95 and when we needed Clinton cards at the tournament we
went and got the newspaper and cut them out. Now, we just fire up Lexis and
I can get everything that Clinton has done that day by the minute with
commentary from the Port St. Lucie(FL) News Service. I think the same will
be true for this topic in regards to Africa. I don't have access to Lexis
right now, but I am sure that if you typed in "Africa" for the past week
then you would get more than a thousand entries.  Expanded ILL service here
at MTSU has allowed us to have access to the Vanderbilt library system and
any other books we want. To try and keep up with all the cites we pick up
after a tournament would be a daunting task, much less predict what we might
hear that weekend. It is the curse of technology. Better access = more stuff
to access. That is why we need to narrow the focus. Just my thoughts...
Ben Osborne
MTSU Debate

>From: Duane Hyland <privethedge at YAHOO.COM>
>Reply-To: Duane Hyland <privethedge at YAHOO.COM>
>Subject: Africa Might Not Need a List
>Date: Sat, 29 Apr 2000 15:32:08 -0700
>Hi, I think Bear hit the nail on the head. We didn't
>have half the research tools that are available today,
>and we didn't have a 1/3 of the negative weapons (eg.
>K's) that are used today and we all debated an
>immensley broad topic just fine back in 88 - 89. I'm
>sure that the same would be done today.
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