looking for a swing JV partner for SIU

Charles Walts cwalts
Wed Jan 19 17:51:31 CST 2000

hi, I am looking for a swing partner for SIU. must have JV elibility. If
you do backchannel me.

much thanks,

Chuck Walts
cwalts at yucca.net

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Subject: Baylor B-Ball Tournament

We are 95% certain that we will have the b-ball tournament.  We are now
determining the best times and the best place to hold the b-ball tournament.
Whoever would like to participate in this 5 on 5  challenge against the Twin
Towers of Cole and Little, the Steel Curtain Bears, the Colossal Connection,
the natural disasters, the towers of power, and the Big Bad Bears you better
start practicing.  We don't have first rounders here, only the Lakers of the
debate world--Please reply back with the available times for you between 5pm
on Friday and up and any transportation difficulties you might have in not
being able to drive to the basketball site.  Thank you
I will reply back with the final details to edebate by Thursday at 3pm if not
earlier.  If only Georgia were sending a team so we could see  Beavis'
Jordanesque jumpshot.  His picture perfect windmill jams are on posters around
the world. I hope Monte and the rest of the Wildcats are ready to meet the
Towers of Power.

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