Thu Jan 20 16:12:02 CST 2000

Two announcements:

 (1)  We will be adding a JV division to the Heart of America.  17 teams
have already expressed interest.  We can handle a division of around 30
teams with our room availability.  We will have to be in multiple
buildings but the need for second semester JV seems worth it.  We would
like to make it a 6 round division with the first elim round during round
7 of the open division and then allow the JV division to watch the doubles
on Sunday night.

(2)  Please send all entries to Sarah Partlow at
spartlow at falcon.cc.ukans.edu


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Subject: B-Ball entries and confirmations needed

We need to know for sure who will be competing so we can at least draw
brackets for the tournament and so we have a general idea of who will be
coming.  Along with the school, I need the number of people available, if you
will have transportation, and if there are specific handicaps i.e. you just
can't play ball.  We really need to know the first 3 pieces of information.
Only schools emailing me in advance will be able to participate.  Please send
it by tonight but hopefully no later than tomorrow at 11am.  If there is no
way you can recruit other people to make your team of five, we will allow you
to play with at least three but only if you are unable to field a team of

Here are the following schools I have heard from so far:

Michigan St.  2
UNT           3 maybe more
UT            5 and counting
Wake Forest   3 maybe more
SMS           5
Concordia/Alabama/Mac 5

if you would like to play or cancel your name on this list please reply asap.
Again, the directions will be with Dunbar at the registration table.   We will
be leaving at 8pm from the Clarion and the tournament might last till 10:30 or
later.  Thank you very much, Joseph

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