Position Openings for Assistant Coaches-Gonzaga University

Frappier, Glen frappier
Thu Jan 20 17:06:06 CST 2000

Dear Community,

Gonzaga University is now accepting applications for 2 assistant coaches for
the 2000-2001
academic year.  The positions last from September 1, 2000 through the Final
Round of the 2001NDT.

Position 1: 12k  plus additional cash for working at the Gonzaga Debate
Institute. Full medical benefits.
Duties include assisting in organizing and running a large debate
tournament, assisting in organizing the GDI, minor
administrative duties, much card cutting, much in town work with the team,
and extensive travel. BA or BS required. Tuition
waivers are available if you would like to take classes or pursue an
advanced degree.

Position 2: 8k plus additional cash for working at the GDI.  We are working
on getting benefits for this position and
its looking good so far.  Duties include cutting many cards, listening to a
bunch of practice rounds, and extensive travelling. No degree
is required.

For those of you who may not know us.  GU travels extensively on both the
national and Northwest regional circuits.  Our squad is usually about 8-12
members large and most are fairly cool people.  The Northwest is an amazing,
spectacular, beautiful place to live and the cost of living in Spokane is
amazingly low.  Please feel free to speak with myself, our current assistant
Erik Cornellier, or any member of our team if you have any questions about
the program or life at Gonzaga.
Gonzaga University encourages traditionally underrepresented portions of the
debate community to apply for these positions.

Please email a brief resume including a cover letter to
frappier at gem.gonzaga.edu
or earth mail to
Director of Debate
Gonzaga University
Spokane, WA  99202

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