Satire and Censorship

Wed Jan 26 06:51:16 CST 2000

         Satire and Censorship                                 1/26/00 11:59

I would like to echo Matt Schnall's remarks,

and note how truly sad, if not actually pitiful,
it is to see people who dedicate a significant
amount of their time and energy to examining
competing discourses, but who can be so intolerant
of a different type of discourse.

What makes it pitiful in this case is the self-evident
element of satire which has ignited such self-righteous
(to the point of ridiculous) postings.

First of all, one of the main mechanims through which satire "works" as humor is the way it unmasks and  skewers self-righteous
behavior -   this is perhaps why this case brought on such invective.
Self righteous people rarely see the humor in their sanctimony.

Second, if you can't take a joke or, in this case, if you can't
tolerate a joke, you live in a very dark world.

Third, if you can't tolerate a discourse which competes with your
own, you're in the wrong activity.  Maybe you should go into
speech-making, wherein you simply stand up and talk, everyone listens,
and then you walk away...   I think that's how some professors
run their class-rooms... and those professors are *oh so* popular!

Edgemont Debate

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