here's a thought

confused rabid_child99
Wed Jan 26 16:19:21 CST 2000

the other day i was watching gilligan's island on WGN
(it was the one where they nearly got off of the
island, but gilligan, through his hijinks and
foolishness, ruined the plan), and during the
commercial i switched over to cspan.  i saw a lady
singing (and believe me, she was singing) the praises
of gender seperated schools.  apparently, li'l girls
get all sheepish and shy around l'il male hooligans.
apparently young middle school boys are so unruly and
aggressive, the girls become wilting flowers, afraid
to speak lest they be labelled with an ugly name or
otherwise threatened.  it seems that gender based
schools solve this problem, according to the lady on
cspan.  maybe they will also solve the problem of
sexism in debate.  perhaps we could have a boys and
girls division, and at the end of the year the top two
winning teams can argue it out in front of two male
judges, two female judges, and a hemaphrodite.  or we
could ferret out those responsible for the sexism in
debate.  i am constantly reading emails about sexism
and all sorts of nefarious shenanigans in debate, but
i hardly ever see solutions (save for spelling women
"womyn").  if sexism in debate is indeed this powerful
juggernaut wall of testosterone, then clearly the
sexes must be cleaved apart.  or, again, we can punish
those responsible.  i would have watched the end of
the lady's speech, but i flipped back to gilligan.
they nearly made it off of the island, but gilligan (A
MALE!) screwed it up for everyone.....
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