sad state of affairs

nihlist liberation front nihlterrorist
Fri Jan 28 00:05:54 CST 2000

yup it may not be intellectualy stimulating, it may even belong on the basketball court instead of the debate list.

I guess in this case i say deal with it.

Some people when threatened call the police, inform the authorities, run and let some one else deal with their problems. But if there is one absolute by which i live its never call the police never cooperate with the police and always always treat the police as the potential enemy they are. Frankly the police are the soliders in a war against me and people like me and you know what i\'ll never seek their help.

So when faced with threats to my safety i\'ll defend myself, i don\'t have the luxury of seeking police help.

Should i bring it on the e, probably not, but it was a public threat and i felt like a public response.

If you don\'t like it hit the delete key.

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