Your Squad Room: An Informal Survey...

David L. Steinberg dave
Thu Jan 27 11:51:08 CST 2000

The most difficult resource on our campus is space.  I am currently
working on securing adequate space for our debate team in our new (but
smaller) School of Communication Building.  Please help me by responding
to the following questions:

1.      Aside from faculty director/coaches' offices, does your
debate/forensics team   have assigned office/classroom/storage space on
your campus?

        office                  yes_____        no_____
                                if yes, how many offices?_____

        permanent classroom     yes_____        no_____
        or practice room        if yes, approximately how many square feet?_____

        separate storage        yes_____        no_____
                                if yes, approximately how many square feet?_____

2.      If the answer to any of the above is yes, by whom is your space

        University              _____
        School/College          _____
        Department              _____
        Student Government      _____
        Other (who?)            _______________________________________

3.      If you have assigned space, do you pay any fees for the space
(custodial, etc...)?

        Yes     _____           No      _____

4.      What technology is provided in your assigned space?

        phone                   _____
        fax                     _____
        photocopier             _____
        computer                _____
        direct computer line(s) _____

Thank you sincerely for your help!

David Steinberg, Director of Debate
University of Miami
305-284-5553 (office)
305-284-3648 (fax)

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