Another loss from the debate community

bill newnam wnewnam
Thu Jan 27 15:16:16 CST 2000

Dear Debate Community,

Many of you, especially those around in the midseventies, may recall a debater from
the University of Alabama, John Mandt.  John debate with "Fast Freddie" Fehrell and
they were one of the finest teams their senior year.  John died last week quite
unexpectedly of an apparent aneurysm (pending coroner's report).

John was a brilliant and talented young man.  He committed himself fully to debate,
yet graduated top of his class with a degree in Chemistry.  He became an exceptional
attorney in Alabama.

He leaves behind his wife of many years, Tricia Trott, another former Alabama
debater and three children ages 11, 6, and 3.  The effect on the well-connected
Alabama debate alumni was very strong.

Sorry to bring bad news, but I thought many of you would want to know.

bill n

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