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ccrensh ccrensh
Mon Jan 31 10:22:22 CST 2000

Dear Prospective Graduate Students,

I am soliciting applications for our graduate assistantship position for next
year.  If you are interested please contact me at ccrensh at or call
205-348-8072.  We have an excellent Master's degree program with an
outstanding faculty in communication studies that offers courses in
cultural/critical studies, political communication, organizational
communication and general communication studies.

The University of Alabama has a rich tradition and history of support for
intercollegiate debate since 1938 and our program's endowment was recently
completed so we have permanent stable funding.  As the debate graduate
assistant you will have the opportunity to coach a team that serves students
at all levels of experience and has a good travel schedule.  You will also
have the opportunity to gain classroom teaching experience in your second

Please do contact me for further information if you are interested at
ccrensh at and I will be happy to discuss our program in more detail.


Requirements and links to further information are listed below.

You can access the current information about our program via the Internet at
the department web site, <>. On the tab marked
"Graduate Program," click for information on program
requirements, admissions, course offerings, etc.

You can also access the department via the University of Alabama web site
(, by clicking first on "Colleges and Schools," then on
"College of Communication and Information Sciences" (,
and last on "Communication Studies."

For information about applying to Graduate School at The University of
Alabama, you need to consult the procedure required by the Graduate School.
All degree program applicants apply directly to the Graduate School. There is
a hyperlink to the Graduate School web site on our Graduate Program page.  But
you can also get there directly at <>. The
necessary forms can be downloaded from that web site, and you can submit an
electronic application there. For regular admission status, which is required
for assistantships, you must have a minimal score of 1500 on the GRE or 50 on
the MAT.

Our department has 3 graduate assistantships available for in-coming graduate
students, one of which is earmarked for debate.  These are awarded
competitively in the spring for the next academic year.  Those who wish to
compete for those assistantships must --
1. have completed the admissions process with the Graduate School,
2. be eligible for regular admissions, and
3. written a letter of application for the assistantship directly to the
department, no later than 1 March.

You may also contact our graduate program director for futher information.

Dr. Beth S. Bennett
Graduate Program Director
bbennett at
Department of Communication Studies
The University of Alabama
phone: 205-348-8073
FAX: 205-348-8080

Carrie Crenshaw, Ph.D.
Director of Debate and Associate Professor of Communcation Studies
University of Alabama

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