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Mon Jan 31 13:20:30 CST 2000

Ladies and Gentlemyn,
This is going to be my final post regarding this whole issue about womyn, myn, femynysm, etc.
First and foremost, i want to thank Gene, for setting up the page, and opening everyone's up to this whole issue. It took a lot of.. guts.. (i was gonna say balls, but some of you might get offended since the nonmyn sex doesnt have balls) to set up the page and write the things he did. Yes, maybe it was under an anonymous name, but who can blame him?
I, however, will not reveal my identity. I cannot reveal my identity because of fear of what will happen to my teammates, coaches, and friends from the backlash of things I have posted. I think that of anything this whole discussion has produced, the most significant is the fear of minority voices to speak up in this community, because 95% of debaters all accept the exact same view about ALL issues, and the ones that dont are chastized. I also cannot reveal my identity, because I am not one person. I am also incorporating the ideas of other people who share the same views as Gene and I, but cannot afford to publicize the views because of fear of what would happen to them. NOt fear of violence or anything like that, but rather being cast aside and singled out by the progressive and "open minded"
I think people like Gene and I make a lot of valid points, for instance, what does spelling women as womyn accomplish? Kate tried to go off on a bunch of nonsensical etymological bullshit, but think LOGICALLY about it (which i know is very hard for most debaters to do). it doesnt accomplish jackshit. just because the word women has 'men' in it does not mean anything. so what if it defines women in opposition to men. THATS FUCKING REALITY FOLKS. women and men are the same species, both different sexes... opposites if you will. thats WHY they are defined in opposition to each other. its like saying the word funeral is offensive because it has 'fun' in it, and well, funerals usually arent fun.
I AGREE that women are discrimminated against, and i AGREE that they have had a tougher battle than men will ever experience, however, i dont think that doing things like spelling women with a y, and writing radical feminist bullshit solves the problem. Yes, if you can read, you will notice i said 'radical feminist bullshit' becaause thats what it is. If you really read that crap, all it really winds down to is saying that the male sex is evil, should be eradicated, all women should become lesbians and reproduce through means of artifical insemination. Men are the root of all problems in the world. something goes wrong man's fault. woman fucks up, but its only because she's 'oppressed'. what an easy way out right? screw up and blame it on patriarchy.
I really honestly believe that all this narrative and poetry CRAP does nothing but entrench gender discrimmination. why? because it does not do anything towards solving the problem, rather is just a big bitch and moan session. if you are really dense, lets put it this way. its like an 9 minute inherency contention and no solvency.
Breshears and kate and the rest of you are right about a lot of things, but they really miss the point that i think gene is trying to convey, and that is, that the MANNER in which you are trying to reduce the gender gap and promote equal rights for women is not the best way to do it... in fact its one of the dumber ways to do it. and if you people did not get that out of the parody of the page... youve got a lot of other problems to deal with.
No one is answering the argument about how people who share the views gene and i do, are afraid to publicize them because of community backlash. why is it that ppl have to "harangue you in public for their new image" but then anonymously post narratives about how they got fucked over for saying bitch slap? its because the "open minded" community that accepts but "disagrees" with you really isnt open minded at all and is more like a mob squad out to eradicte any trace of competing opinion.
People like Darren prove my point. what is this shiznit about posting a list of women every time gene sends a message? what good is that going to accomplish? what if i post a list of men every time a female (is that word offensive to since its etymological classification defines females in a binary opposition to males?) posts something to the list? WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT GOING TO ACCOMPLISH??
some of you people are so fucking stupid and so caught up in your futile little wars to convert the world you fucking lose site of what the fuck is really going on in the world. theres more important things, and better ways of solving problems than doing stupid shit like this.
Shiznit is a slang term, who's etymological origination is unknown, most cunning linguists say it originated in the 80's or early 90's in urban american communities. it was later popularized by musical artists like mr. snoop doggy dogg, who included the word 'shiznit' in the titles of one of his songs. it is defined in opposition to the word "shit" and some radical linguists, who hope to preserve the authenticity of the meaning of 'shit', are asking that we now spell shiznit as shyznyt as to remove any relation between the two terms, and give them their own unique identities.
I love you, you love me, we're a happy family,
Leroy Tyrone Hiroshima

"Will Not Giveup Halfway, Will Always Support Faye"
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