Engagement Announcement

Jim Haefele jimhaefele
Mon Jan 10 07:46:15 CST 2000

Hey sexy.  This is my new email address.

You scared the hell out of me--I thought you had gotten engaged to Rob Gilligan, or the D.O.G.


Mr. Thornton

On Mon, 10 Jan 2000 00:16:11   Sarah Michell Glaser wrote:
>With their permission, it is my pleasure to announce the engagement of
>two of my great friends, Christina Sabee and Nate Dintenfass. Nate and
>Christina are graduates of Macalaster College's debate program.
>These crazy kids were engaged Dec 31 in San Francisco and we had a huge
>party to celebrate. No date has been set - sometime after Christina
>finishes her PhD at Northwestern.
>(I hope no one thought it was MY engagement :)

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