List of Myn-Bashing Web Pages

Joshua Hoe ifjxh
Wed Jan 26 10:11:48 CST 2000


I am not going to demand you leave or even that you stop posting....That
part of you who feels it is necessary to demean the very real feelings and
work of others is the same part of me that hates you for saying what you
have said.  However, I would ask you to engage in a real (not this
cartoon-like dialog so far) discussion about why you feel oppressed within

Have you ever been told that your aggressiveness/competitiveness was either
a sexual turn on or ainnapropriate action?

Have you ever been sexually propositioned by a judge?

Have you ever felt like you had no mentors within the you
were an island of difference in a sea of sameness?

Have you ever been startled as time after time nobody who looked or sounded
like you ever won awards at major tournaments?

If your point is to demonstrate that you feel alienated and alone I
understand and I am sorry that debate has not been a home for you.  I am
suprised and saddened that you will not show solidarity with others who have
felt alienated and abandoned in debate.  Why will you not support our womyn
of color in their struggle?  Why will you not support womyn who feel
marginalized by your behavior.  At the very least, you have to admit, in
this country where womyn did not have the right to own property until a late
date and where womyn were not even allowed to vote until recently, that
maybe they have some grievances that you refuse to listen to.

How about this, what if, a womyn in this community has suffered sexual abuse
and has to read you telling her to "suck a big fat dyck" because she objects
to what you say?

Why do you have the right to be so cavalier.  I do support your right to say
what you say...I am just grossly dissapointed that you refuse to be a
positive force in our activity.


Joshua B. Hoe
University of North Texas

>From: Kathryn Tiberius Jean-Sisko <debatemyn at HOTMAIL.COM>
>Reply-To: Kathryn Tiberius Jean-Sisko <debatemyn at HOTMAIL.COM>
>Subject: List of Myn-Bashing Web Pages
>Date: Wed, 26 Jan 2000 14:34:00 GMT
>As Per Request, I have enclosed 5 examples of pages that obviouslly contain
>myle bashing rhetoric.  Of course, Lord knows, everyone out there will
>either see it as A.) A statement of Fact, or B.) justified grievances
>against the myle community.  I, as a myle, am deeply offended by this kind
>of myle bashing, and I hope that the community would rise up and attempt to
>censor these pages much like you are trying to censor mine.
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<< yeah, I'm demanding a recount.  :)

 Mac Debate


Counts are in.....and you're right....there was an error.

It was actually a 4-0.  (DOH!!!!!)

luv ya.


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