by golly! she's right!

Joshua Hoe ifjxh
Wed Jan 26 16:52:18 CST 2000

Do not purposely cheapen the attempts of others to create positive changes
in the activity....Racism and Sexism and Homophobia may never dissapear but
ought we stop fighting them?  I bet you believe in the magic bullet theory
as well :)


>From: confused <rabid_child99 at YAHOO.COM>
>Reply-To: confused <rabid_child99 at YAHOO.COM>
>Subject: by golly!  she's right!
>Date: Wed, 26 Jan 2000 14:36:56 -0800
>my mistake there are policies in place to solve for
>sexism in debate...but hmmm...they don't seem to be
>working do they?  so again, what do we do when nothing
>seems to work?
>BTW:  great job on making fun of my name...i am sewing
>up the wounds inflicted by your rapier-like wit.....
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