GSL speaker award correction

Saint Peter stpeter666
Wed Jan 26 19:35:01 CST 2000

I have heard good things about Mr. JASON Peterson.  I
am sure David Wells and JASON Peterson were debating
at GSL.  (That Jeremy guy is a crack-pot)

B.S. Debate

--- Adam Cosper <mfocault at YAHOO.COM> wrote:
> No-- It was Jason.  I am a member of CSUB debate and
> I
> can assure you that no one in their right mind would
> consider giving JEREMY peterson high speaker points.
> So it follows logically that David Wells must have
> been debating with JASON peterson.  I am not
> doubting
> that JASON also debated at West Georgia but perhaps
> you are underestimating your partners ability to
> debate well at two tournaments on the same weekend.
> Have some faith!
> --- Michael Kloster <mike.kloster at INAME.COM> wrote:
> > I was debating with Jason Peterson in West Georgia
> > during the GSL
> > tournament, so I'm betting the top speaker at GSL
> > was, in fact, his talented
> > younger brother Jeremy Peterson.
> > congrats to all.
> > Mike Kloster
> > Pace Debate
> >
> >
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From: "Jennifer L. Rigdon" <rigdon at DOSA.WUSTL.EDU>
Subject: Seeking a jv swing partner for siu!

Due to a last minute change, I'm in need of a swing partner for one of
my debaters.  He has h.s. exper., but has never debated college until
now....if you have an interested student, please backchannel me asap!
Thanks a bunch!
jen rigdon
Wash U St. Louis

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