confused rabid_child99
Mon Jan 31 09:47:12 CST 2000

--- Kathryn Tiberius Jean-Sisko
<debatemyn at HOTMAIL.COM> hollers at the top of his

> fruity-assed "y",

 and then, in a paraphrase of Jeff Jarrett


(BTW, just what are fucknuts? does PLANTERS distribute

I wonder if i am the only one who notices an almost
pathological hatred of women here?..and why does he
say "fruity assed," hmmm.  could it be that this
fellow wants to be a woman so badly, but he can't, so
he lashes out at them?  his return addy is kathryn, so
maybe that's it.  i see this fellow putting on a
gingham gown and strutting around his dorm in his high
heels spreading his 1AC.  maybe I'm wrong..and if i am
i know he won't complain..after all, he is the one who
likes to make jokes and gets mad when others can't
take a joke.  so put on that halter-top and laugh it
up gene!

> On that note, you'll soon find out who I am.  This
> coming up Friday, I will
> reveal my identity, for the whole world to find out.

the whole world, eh?  WOW!  just think, the WHOLE
WORLD is waiting with bated breath for this momentous
announcement.  I bet there are tribes of pygmies in
darkest africa huddled together waiting for
friday...hoping and praying that GENE will reveal his
true identity.....

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