[eDebate] New LPW

Josh Martin jmartin
Wed Sep 4 23:20:36 CDT 2002

So the new page was up on Monday but we were having serious trouble with
the server -- resulting in *no images* which made things look really weird.
Got it all under control and you can find Low Point Win at:


The two weeks off was a nice respite, thanks to all the people who emailed.
We can always use submissions, so get involved.

At the least maybe it's an excuse for you to take a break from last minute
debate work.

I'm also kinda learning that the little insta-poll thing on the page is
turning out to be rather accurate - amazing. This week we're asking what
treaty you plan to run on the aff. The results might be helpful for people
wondering how to priotize their work. So, if you want to  be part of a
little info-sharing, or maybe just want to misinform everyone away from
*your* aff, pitch in your two cents.

And who's going to Vegas?

Have a good week, 
Josh Martin

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