[eDebate] STA and the web reporting initiative

Gary N. Larson Gary.N.Larson
Tue Sep 10 15:40:40 CDT 2002

In recent weeks, Bruschke, Hanson and others have worked to facilitate
web reporting of debate tournament results, including the automatic
calculation of sweepstakes points for the various organizations and the
compilation of data that are necessary for bid applications.  KUDOS
STA is now ready to support that initiative.  For a current full version
or upgrade of STA, go to ftp://ftp.wheaton.edu <ftp://ftp.wheaton.edu/> 
You will also find a MS Word document that has instructions how to use
the web reporting interface.
It should also be noted that Luchetti and company at Richmond are
testing the portability of our STA web interface for online recording of
prefs (as used at CEDA Nats and Towson last year).  We will also be
using the system at Kentucky (in addition to e-mail reporting).  Once
the web interface is stable and portable to other campuses, we will make
it available so that you can solicit strikes, prefs and constraints
For those who are developing web interfaces for tournament entry, if you
wish to use it with STA, please contact me.  I will gladly work with you
to write the upload procedure from your web interface (assuming that you
use a standard file type for your output).
I have also written procedures that translate TRM/PC files to STA and
vice versa if you wish to test comparability.
As noted, I will be at Kentucky in just a few weeks.  After a hiatus
where I had to seriously evaluate whether I could continue to support
the STA project while being a fulltime administrator, I have come upon a
workable solution that should permit me to give renewed attention to the
project.  If I can be of assistance, don't hesitate to ask.  Like Rich,
I am committed to making tools freely available that assist the
community in running our tournaments fairly and efficiently.
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