[eDebate] Adbusters - Sykes, Kerpen, Ellis, Puuri .... oh and Roston

Kevin Sanchez let_the_american_empire_burn
Wed Sep 11 17:42:10 CDT 2002

i have a copy of Adbuster's mental health mag, and i'd be willing to send it 
to someone with a scanner (Cory Puuri volunteered) so that it could up on 
the Debate Information Group's website, if Kerpen or Ellis can respond as 
soon as possible. i agree with Sykes that this is an idea-provoking, 
norm-attacking, and beautiful issue, and i think it should be free for all 
debaters to read.

as for Roston's recent diatribe against me, i agree that i'm no saint. i 
like making fun of stupid arguments, and Roston makes a lot of them, but i 
agree with Dan Shalmon (as apparently Roston himself) that ad hominen can be 
cleverly combined with reasoned argument. and if Scott Elliot can post a 
study and recieve 20 replies from debaters for the citation, then this 
proves that those on the so-called margins of the activity can make a direct 
contribution to debate's 'goings-on'. in years to come, with the increasing 
availability of internet forums and with the increasing urbanization and 
internationalization of the activity (though folks have much cause for 
concern in whether these processes are assimilative or empowering), i think 
the currently narrow definition of a 'participant' will be exploded, so as 
to further plug debate into larger networks of social dialogue. it's not 
that i think the wall separating debate from the outside world should be 
torn down - there is no wall: every debater is already a citizen, a 
journalist, a political analyst, a historian, a social critic, a legal 
theorist, etc, in short, a thinking, political subject.

despite Roston's insinuations, i think former participants are important to 
the acitivity. this conversation with Alfred Snider was interesting, for 
instance, from which i learned a lot, especially when he notes the "strong 
disinterest on the part of American policy debaters and coaches to anything 
that doesn't represent *the death march to the trophy*": 

or these ones from June: http://www.ndtceda.com/archives/200206/0260.html

anyway, i recently lost my plans for mass-conversion, Michael, so i'll just 
have to settle for sharing my thoughts with others, regardless of whether 
they're persausive or not. if you don't like it, don't read it ... please.

and ignoring your aunt like that!?! that *is* sinful!       :k

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