[eDebate] judge for hire in northwest region

matt stannard stannardmatt
Thu Sep 12 08:37:04 CDT 2002

Justin Racette, graduate of Wyoming, is attending law school as a Duck.  He 
can be reached at jracett1 at law.uoregon.edu.  Although best known as one of 
the finest parliamentary debaters in history, and a consumate musical snob, 
Justin took some "time off" to compete in NDT/CEDA debate, where he was 
twice invited to the Weber Round Robin and cleared at CEDA nats and numerous 
other tournaments.  Anyway, he asked me to post this so that people like 
Frap, Big Jim, and Steve "a walk in the" Woods could hire him at their 
tournaments.  So email him.  Again, that's jracett1 at law.uoregon.edu and he 
doesn't eat much.


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