[eDebate] My Judging philopohy-CEDA EAST AND ADA FOLKS PLEASE READ

Andy Ellis dig
Sat Sep 14 23:42:28 CDT 2002

Judging Philosophy

Greetings east cost folks
Some important things to know about debating in front of me

I.	I will not be flowing, I might write some things down, I might not.
II.	I will not be objective for example to convince me that a war against iraq is a good thing you will have to actually convince me. If you are worried about how I will vote get to know me, engage  me in arguments  and conversations about the topic, debate and the world.
III.	If you arguments are entertaining I will be more likely to vote for you.
IV.	I will encourage audiences to watch and participate in the rounds that I am Judging, and will  expect debaters to debate as if there where an audience
V.	I will likely be judging at : Kings, Vermont, West Point, Binghamton, Harvard, Cornell and other ceda east and ada tournaments.
VI.	I will not neccisarilly be consistent.
VII.	If you go to fast or rely too much on the irrelevant da bait skiils you have developed I will likely become uninterested and cut cards or listen to music or read the paper or go check on how the teams I coach are doing.
VIII.	I will be actively cutting cards researching and coaching on this topic.

In my opinion,docile judge subjects are not good representations of the targets of the advocacy skills this activity helps to develop and I will no longer play that game.  In the real world audience adaptation is a critically import advocacy skill, so if you want my ballot you will need to figure out how to adapt to me. 

Please feel free to engage me in conversations either in person or electronically(you can email me at  dig at ndtceda.com or you instant message me (I?m on AIM) at nihlpenguin) about whatever you wish, such conversations would likely provide great insight into the argumentative strategies you will need to employ to convince me of your arguments.

In Short: Convince me.

I look forward to an interesting year of learning from the debate community and hope for entertaining and informative rounds on this years topic.

Until the next time.

Andy Ellis
Marist Debate

Debate Information Group

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