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Michael Korcok mmk_savant
Tue Sep 17 14:18:20 CDT 2002

yeah, Harvey's Heart 1995 recap is almost right.  (i have no excuse for 
forgetting that Korry and Menzies were in Heart Finals)

right, it was semis MSU Trice and Repko versus Shuster and Heidt.  i didn't 
flow it and Galentine was my safety flow.  i also misremembered the 
decision: i voted for Heidt and Shuster, sitting on a 2-1.  i vaguely 
remember Lemoine staring me down but no one having a problem with my rfd.

i am pretty sure i flowed the finals between MSU and Alaska because Trice 
asked that i do so before MSU filled out the finals judging card.  what 
Harvey remembers as my looking over Galentine's shoulder was our mutual 
flowing admiration.  neither Becky nor i admired either Menzies' or Harvey's 
debating in that round.  and later on Harvey mentions that he thinks he won 
that round - no, dude, you don't really think so do you?

Korry then makes some points i wanna answer.

1) is it really no-flowing?

i was flowing in finals not "peering".  i often used safety flows because i 
never fully trusted no-flowing.  right, having someone else flow for you 
while you look over their shoulder isn't no-flow.

2) Korry is still pissed about 1st round CEDA Nats 1996.

the way i remember it, i went to hear the rfd.  Shaffer and Berman either 
told me outside or signalled that they had lost and that they likely 
deserved to lose because they mishandled the exhaustion critique.
so before i heard anything from Korry i knew that the loss was/would be our 

Korry's rfd was rambling nonsense on the order of "you see, the galactic 
alignment of nebulous superpositions..."  or something like that.  i 
remember getting as far as "Korry..."  before Harvey got all indignant with 
"Why are you attacking me?!?!  did you see the round?!  did you?!"  i 
responsed with something like "Korry..."  before he responded with  "that's 
it!  i can't deal with this!  you weren't here Korcok!"  and stormed out of 
the room, leaving 2 teams and a couple coaches to dsicuss the problems of 
judging while LIT.  the discussion about what to do, if anything, about 
critics who judged high or drunk became fairly intense after the 1996 CEDA 

anyway, after Harvey left, i spent the next 15 minutes in Shaffer and 
Berman's faces:  they had screwed up and that wasn't a good start to CEDA 
Nats their senior year.

but to answer the specific allegation.  i never claimed, then or now, to be 
able to determine a clear winner in that round which i didn't observe.  to 
the contrary, i was pretty certain at the time that Derek and Mike had 
legitimately lost because they told me it would be a close call and that 
they had mishandled the exhaustion critique.  as i remember it, i got as far 
as "Korry..." before Korry wigged out.

3) hearing loss

don't judge.  have someone skilled flow for you and peer over their 
shoulder.  get a notebook with speech-to-text speech recognition.  insist 
that the teams you judge speak slowly and clearly.  support medical and 
technical research.  do your best to keep your wits about you.

Michael Korcok, evil elitist advocate of nationalism and law

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