[eDebate] Fall Public Debates at Marist

Maxwell Schnurer Maxwell.Schnurer
Tue Sep 17 16:58:03 CDT 2002

Hello folks,

I know that everyone is getting cranked up for the beginning of the season.
I hope that the move to connect our amazing debate programs to communities
is growing.   Here at Marist we are beginning for a series of public
debates and outreach events.  I'll repost specific times and directions for
the events that are open to the public.

1.  "Resolved: A war on Iraq is justified."  Supporting a war with Iraq
will be Lt. Col Michael Meese from the United States Military Academy (West
Point).  Lt. Col Meese is the Deputy Department Head of the Department of
Social Sciences at West Point.  He is a potent advocate, with a PhD in
Economics from Princeton, and a longstanding career in the United States

Opposing a war with Iraq will be Dr. Joel Kovel from Bard College.  Dr.
Kovel is the Alger Hiss Professor of Social Studies at Bard College.  He is
a powerful advocate, with a long history of activism and a committment to
anti-war activities.

The debate will take place on Weds September 25 at 8pm.  The debate will
occur in the Nelly Goletti Theatre at Marist College.

The debate will have an extensive opportunity for audience participation
and is open to the public.

2.  "Resolved that the current system of drug education works."  Supporting
the current drug education system will be Dr. Kieth Lipsey, a 25 year
veteran of the New York State Police and a DARE Instructor for the last
9-years.  Opposing the current drug education system will be Rob Robinson,
Cannabis/Hemp/civil rights activist for 12 years.  Senior activist of New
York State Cannabis Action Network. Advisor for New Paltz NoRML & Students
for a sensible drug policy.  Founder of Hudson Valley Hemp council.

This debate will occur in October at the SUNY-New Paltz Campus and also at
Marist.  The Marist debate will be web-cast and will include a chat-room
option so that people viewing on computers can ask questions of the

3.  Internet2 public debate.  University of Vermont vs.  Marist College.
Two teams from these two schools will clash on a topic TBA.  We will debate
on the Internet2 network.


We are also planning a series of debate outreach opportunities at a local
Juvenile detention facility, another public debate (probably on welfare),
and will have a streamed weekly debate/public affairs radio-show!

So stay tuned!

best, maxwell schnurer

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