[eDebate] Debate Points Page Announcements

Bruschke, John jbruschke
Wed Sep 18 20:38:44 CDT 2002

Important things:
1) The debate points page is up and running.  The Las Vegas round robin results have been posted!
2) IF YOU ARE A TOURNAMENT DIRECTOR, please visit the page and review the procedures for submitting your results.  It's new!  It's improved!  It's easier!  No faxing, no sending to separate places, not much of anything other than hitting a button and emailing me the results.  However, you WILL need the most recent version of Gary's program or Rich's, so get yerself updated.
3) The Anaheim Angels will win the world series this year.
4) Thanks to a Saint of a man, Bob Jordan, we now have a domain: www.debateresults.com.  It will redirect you to the main page, but is (a) easier to remember, and (b) does not require the correct spelling of "Bruschke."  The main link still works too, and for the record it is: http://commfaculty.fullerton.edu/jbruschke/DebatePoints/DebPtsIndex.htm
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