The Paranoid Re: ans misfit[eDebate] to the SLF

Cyborg Misfits sadist
Sat Sep 21 04:37:40 CDT 2002

A message from the City of Golgonooza

It is with sad heart that we have to announce the paranoid decline of the

<more great descriptive "geometric dancing" around the concepts from the
cyborg misfits sounding alot like shamaham and his conservative, academic

Somehow in his mind, the SLF belives that all his enemies are one, and
somehow we, when none of us have ever had dealing with Shannahan, are
associated as one and the same. But it gets worse. 

<we can't come out and say why it would be good to sink planetdabait's
(author)ship because we could never transgress against our old friends
while our private friendships pre-determine our public political actions.>

Here his paranoia can be seen at its worse. All his enemies are connected.
We are somehow friends with people we have never met, never will meet.
Dallas Perkins, Bill Shannahan, all these people are not our friends, we do
not know them, we have not met them. However, we disagreed what the
appropriate course of action was with SLF, which means now we have somehow
*attacked* SLF (in typical paranoid fashion). Because we have disagreed
with SLF, we are to him his enemy (even though we have never been), because
we are now his enemy, we are connected with all his other enemies. The SLF
is acting more and more paranoid. 

we find this sad. Despite how often we say things like, "We have more in
common with SLF then not" and things like "we are trying to dialogue" SLF
believes we attacked him. We find, recalling Foucault's preface to
Anti-Oedipus useful here, "Do not use thought to ground political practice
as Truth, *nor political action to discredit, as mere speculation, a line
of thought.*" (emphasis added, of course). Sigh. 


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