[eDebate] GSU Octos Results

gsudebate at mindspring.com gsudebate
Mon Sep 23 14:49:57 CDT 2002

MSU SS over CSU Fullerton CW (3-0)
MSU MS over Texas MY (2-1)
Emory LP over Northwestern HM (3-0)
Northwestern GM over Texas AJ (2-1)
Georgia PR over Emory SW (2-1)
Emory GW over Louisville GJ (3-0)
Northwestern GL over Dartmouth LT (2-1)
Wake Forest ES over Northwestern CS (3-0)

That sets up the following quarterfinal debates:

Wake Forest ES vs. MSU SS
Northwestern GL vs. MSU MS
Emory LP vs. Emory GW
Georgia PR vs. Northwestern GM

More to come...

By the way, the only speaks I remember off the top of my head are:

1. Matheson (MSU)
2. Lynn (Emory)
3. Tarloff (Harvard)

I'll do the whole list soon.



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