[eDebate] Caselist Info Online

Stefan.Bauschard bauschar
Thu Sep 26 10:46:04 CDT 2002

Hi everyone,

All of the caselist information that has been posted to edebate, that I have 
collected, and that has been given to me by others has been posted to the 
caselist at planetdebate.com  To access the material, simply register as a 
member, or sign on if you already have, and view the material. You can browse 
it by clicking on the yellow highlighted link for the caselist information 
that you are interested in or you can download it in five chunks.

Please check to be sure that the information that is available on you is 
correct. If not, email me and I'll correct it.  Also, please consider adding 
any relevant information that you have.  Last year, only about 20% of 
individuals who used the caselist information contributed.  We could use some 
more contributions this year.

We are in the process of making a few modifications so you can see the most 
recent changes in one place. I'll notify you of that when it happens.

When registering, please take a minute to include your judge philosophy in 
your profile so that debaters can download it before tournaments.

Thank you,


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