[eDebate] A Bomb Threat

Cyborg Misfits sadist
Sun Sep 29 04:53:48 CDT 2002

A message from the City of Golgonooza:

?God does not exist, he withdraws, gets the fuck out and leaves the cops to
keep an eye on things.? (Artaud)

We must end this tired writing and theorizing; we must cook up intensities,
secrete, datableed. "Cyberpunk torches fiction in intensity, patched-up out
of cash-flux mangled heteroglossic jargons, and set in a future so close it
connects: jungled by hypertrophic commercialization, socio-political
heat-death, cultural hybridity, feminization, programmable information
systems, hypercrime, neural interfacing, artificial space and intelligence,
memory trading, personality transplants, body-modifications, soft- and
wetware viruses, nonlinear dynamic processes, molecular engineering, drugs,
guns, schizophrenia." Metalhead Foucault was asked if he ever wanted to
write fiction, and he replied that?s all he had ever written. I am tired of
the being the Friend of Wisdom (philosophy), I am tired of being nothing
but a spectator (theory), instead it is time we directly inscribe the
writing of the word on the world, as active fiction takes over active life,
?You who would know the world must first manufacture it.? (Kant). Ah, the
savants? innocence! It?s almost touching, you can see their idiot glee,
hear the cries of ?Progress!? and smell the spooling pulp as they are
shredded in the schizophrenizing embrace of capital?s mutant diachronic, a
demonic howl buckling the linearity of their last stage. Culture has given
up on the real, but science pursues the realization of the artifical with
the pervert?s obsessive zeal. ?Inside the library's research department,
the construct cunt inserted a sub-programme into part of the video network.
The sub programme altered certain core custodial commands so that she could
retrieve the code. The code said: GET RID OF MEANING. YOUR MIND IS A
me to the human construct who would lead me to - or allow me - my drug.?
(Acker). We are constantly trying to progress with our backwards looking
reactionary death-drives. We hope to ground our deliberative speaking
(Aristotle understood this as speaking about the future) in our forensics
speaking (Aristotle understood this as speaking about the past). We believe
we can therefore authorize our own self-importance, "What you demand of us,
theoreticians, is that we constitute ourselves as identities, and
responsible ones at that! But if we are sure of anything it is that this
operation (of exclusion) is a sham, that no-one produces incandescences and
that they belong to no-one, that they have effects but not causes."
(Lyotard). We must not fall victim to this scientific-theorizing and
fascist-reactionary-philosophical-critiques writing which ?We first took
our image and put it into code. A technical code developed by the
information theorists. This code was written at the molecular level to save
space, when it was found that the image material was not dead matter, but
exhibited the same life cycle of the virus. This virus released upon the
world would infect the entire population and turn them into our replicas,
it was not safe to release the virus until we could be sure that the last
groups to go replica would not notice. To this end we invented variety in
many forms, variety that is of information content in a molecule, which,
enfin, is always a permutation of the existing material. Information
speeded up, slowed down, permutated, changed at random by radiating the
virus material with high-energy rays from cyclotrons, in short we have
created an infinity of variety at the information level, sufficient to keep
so-called scientists busy forever exploring the ?richness of nature.??
(Burroughs). Rather to this richness of nature we must go further, "The
beautiful in nature is connected with the form of the object, which
consists with having definite boundries. The sublime, on the other hand, is
to be found in the formless object, so far as in it or by occasion of it
boundlessness is represented, and yet its totality is also present in
thought" (Kant). Rather we must write a revolutionary active fiction that
exploded past the past, that explodes past boundries, ?It is certainly not
by using minority language as a dialect, by regionalizing or ghettoizing,
that one becomes revolutionary; rather, by using a number of minority
elements, by connecting, conjugating them, one invents a specific,
unforeseen, autonomous becoming.? (Deleuze and Guattari).

We must open up a Word Bomb that leaves nothing behind but shattered
identities and partial thought. 

-Mister K.  

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