[eDebate] Reply to Duane Hyland's "Real World 2" post

RJ Dolbin i12argue2
Mon Sep 30 12:37:07 CDT 2002

just a couple of points i'd like to clarify about duane's message:

yes, the csu fullerton coaching staff is the nicest group of people, and 
more than that it's the best coaching staff fullerton has ever had.  most of 
our coaches had great competitive success in debate.  but what's best about 
them is that, while they care that we win or lose, they're more supportive 
of our endeavor than they are about our record.

and as far as our aff being unable to "fulfill the basic burden of 
topicality" because our case "doesn't even meet the topic", a couple of 

a. that's the point

b. we do meet part of the topic: we ratify, we implement.

as far as our argument having no effect outside of the round because nobody 
would hear about it, i don't ever remember seeing you in any of my rounds, 
and yet somehow you are involved in this discussion.  seems like this team 
that went 4-4 at gsu managed to gain some attention outside of its rounds.

and why does winning debate rounds have to be the only way to bring credit 
to an institution? fullerton has a baseball and soccer team to do that for 
them.  i think somebody standing up for their convictions regardless of 
winning or losing has at least just as much merit.

finally, i don't think running this aff guarantees us wins or losses; but 
even if that's the case, serena already made it crystal clear that she is 
willing to lose every aff round in getting her argument out there, and i 
support her 100% in that decision.

that's it.


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