[eDebate] My debate website experience

Kevin Sanchez let_the_american_empire_burn
Thu Sep 12 16:50:37 CDT 2002

to Snider:
  i wasn't 'diagnosing your motives', Tuna, i was asking what possible 
reason there could be for a commercial debate website to not file as 
non-profit organization, look for other means of funding, and provide all 
materials to debaters free-of-charge? in short, why aren't others in debate 
following your lead?

the only reason i could come up with (which appears so obvious as to be 
banal) is that there's lots more money to be made in commericiality, and 
perhaps going non-profit would break Harvard debate. and yet Peter McCollum 
suggests that Dallas and Sherry aren't making that much money anyway, so i'm 
all around perplexed.

in any case, i'd like to say that if we had more Alfred Sniders in the 
world, i doubt i'd have any 'disputes' (which are really just questions that 
no one seems to want to answer). ... (aside: is there anything you would 
like me to write about specifically, Tuna?)

to McCollum, who writes:
"I laugh a little everytime I see someone ranting about the capitalist evils 
of Dallas' program when they actually know nothing about it."

well that's why i'm trying to learn more about it, Peter, and i leave the 
anti-capitalist rants to SLF (which does a fine job). i'm just asking very 
specific questions, about pricing, budgetary percentages, copyrights, etc. 
that i think potential customers and members of this forum might be 
interested to know. (as Kuswa noted in my questions directed at UTNIF, i'm 
also providing *free advertising*, seeing as i constantly mention 
www.PLANETDEBATE.com (though i admit i wish it were an '.org' instead).)

so clear this up for me, cuz i'm a little confused: Planetdebate is a 
not-for-profit subset of Harvard, Inc.? who determines the salaries of 
Dallas, Sherry, and yourself? and in your assessment, if Planet Debate chose 
to make their evidence and other resources openly-accesible to all debaters, 
would this spell the end of Harvard debate, or might alternative means of 
funding prove successful?

i thank you for the courtesy in shedding some light on these questions, and 
my hope is that Dallas Perkins will act in kind.


p.s:  Duane Hyland ... is there a Duane Hyland out there? ... you've got a 
telephone call from Joseph McCarthy on line one, and i think you better take 
it ... sounds important. ;-)

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