[eDebate] slf at hotmail refuses to join slf at yahoo

Schizo Liberation Front schizoliberation
Mon Sep 23 04:14:39 CDT 2002

hmm, now whomever hacked us is now pretending to be us. they hope to claim credit for the destruction of planet debait (which we are still carring forward) and at the same time discrediting our move to mobilize the slf outside of the debait community. their pathetic attempts at pretending our attempts are exclusive will be seen as the tired, old strategy of divide and conquerer, which they have put a new spin on by hacking our account and pretending to be us
 Schizo Liberation Front wrote:now that there are two slf(s) out here, you can easily identify the 
"original" slf by checking from where the email comes. we recognize that 
most people will not do this but it does not really matter to us since we 
will continue our non-exclusionary policy with regards to piracy which is 
currently unfavored by dabaiters despite compelling deleuze evidence with 
regards to its future as sabotage. yes, indeed, many would like 
slf at hotmail to retreat to some user group with members who join instead of 
"tearing down planet dabait" but we are afraid that this will not happen. 
plans are progressing at all speed. the one thing that slf at yahoo will not 
be able to do is purchase www.phallusjerkins.com and other relevant domains 
which will springboard the de-commodification of evidence sold over the 
internet. ha, ha, ha. nice try, yahoos. why are you trying to exclude 
militant schizos and their militant activities?


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