Sydney Howard nozikn74
Thu Apr 10 17:01:03 CDT 2003

I debated Monica only a few rounds last year and I think Zach's tribute to 
her is great.  After Jeremy and I debated Zach, Monica, and much of the 
whole crew at Chico (since they managed to bring the onslaught to all of the 
regional tournaments that BC went to last year), I gained a newfound respect 
for debaters who realize the importance of being good people.  Though I am 
not in the debate scene any more, I always take delight when I see Zach and 
Monica's sucesses at tournaments, and I know both will have great success in 
future debating a coaching.

Congrats to you both on a great year.

sydney a. howard

"government is the great fiction through which everybody attempts to live at 
the expense of everybody else."
      -frederic bastiat

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From: Zachary Justus <zjustus at yahoo.com>
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Subject: [eDebate] ABOUT MONICA JULIAN
Date: Thu, 10 Apr 2003 14:33:00 -0700 (PDT)

I have never had a debate partner other than Monica.
We have debated together, laughed together and cried
together for the last 3 ? years.  We were never the
most successful team in the nation, never even close,
but that didn?t matter very much.  I debated for her
more than for any other reason.  She has never gotten
enough respect from anyone in the debate community.  I
doubt this email will change that, it won?t be read by
a lot of people and probably even less people will
care, but its important to me.  Here are some things
about her that people should know.

No one did more with less:  That doesn?t mean less
talent or less work.  She had more natural debate
talent and put in more work than anyone I have ever
been around.  Monica didn?t debate in High School or
very much her first year at Chico State.  She had to
work 30-40 hours a week her first three years at the
university.  Monica had to take an average of 17-18
units a semester to graduate in four years.  She had
to put up with my lame ass and my stupid ideas.
Monica had to succeed in spite of the fact that she
was written off by most of the people she came into
contact with in the debate community because she
didn?t debate ?normally? and was ?too emotional.?  Our
program didn?t have the cash to send her to all the
major tournaments, so many of the people she debated
in front of at CEDA nats and the NDT had never seen
her before.

All of this stuff matters and it was all bad, but that
didn?t stop her from doing well.  In the two years we
were able to go to CEDA nats we were 7-1 on the neg
(she was the 2N) and she even dragged my lame, limping
ass to out rounds this year.  At novice nationals a
couple years ago, she piloted us through elimination
rounds all the way to finals even though we shouldn?t
have won any of those rounds.

She is the best friend I have made at the university
and through debate.  In another time in another place
she would have debated in high school, and with some
badass at a prestigious university and been a 1st
round.  It may be selfish, but I?m glad a lot of those
things happened the way they did because it meant she
was a part of my life and I got to benefit from being
around her and being part of her life.

I was not the best partner for Monica, but I tried to
live up to her.  She gave me a lot of chances that I
didn?t deserve and probably will in the future too.
So to all those people who never gave her a chance,
you blow great big monkey chunks and have missed out
on one of the best people this community will ever

There is no one I would rather coach with or work
with.  I look forward to spending the next few years
with you.


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