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Jack Stroube stroube
Sun Aug 24 01:13:56 CDT 2003

the second one.  he says he got a call from momma, i.e. donna strange.   i would love to 
see the phone records that would prove donna strange called the "man" who sexually 
bribed her daughter for an A grade.  how come breshears only talks this shit on 
backchannel and wouldn't go live with it on edabait?  because he is the worst kind of 
cowardly sex offender there is who pretended that his victim and her family champion 
him as the great recipient of madison laird coattails who used those coattails to become 
a fake feminist male abuser of power and hence a crappy mediocre teacher.  again, i am 
submitting the header information that should link this "crazy" backchannel back to 
breshears and put him on the spot to prove that donna strange ever called him and that 
lindsey referred to her mighty sex bribe king as the "best teacher ever"...i am ignorant of 
ISPs and don't get the edebate list in my box so i don't actually have the "official 
breshears" ISP to double-check but my guess is that he thought he was smart getting a 
yahoo email account without his name on it but forgot when he sent it from his house or 
somewhere on the UT campus or from austin or whatever that this could be used as a 
public document against him.  the arrogance of breshears to make these statements 
about donna strange and her daughter given the incident is unfathomable.   i can't 
believe that UT debate is keeping breshears after what he did, his public lies, and these 
VIOLENT backchannel male chauvinist rewritings of history///maybe rollins thinks he is 
going to preserve UT dabait credibility of any kind but he is only making things way 
worse protecting a sex bribe king...MOO MOO the UT herd morality of used car kritik 
salesmen liars...also, note well that i have received ZERO NOTICE of slander suit from 
breshears because the incident happened and i IN NO WAY SLANDERED BRESHEARS who 
failed the litmus test...

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o poor pathetic piece o shit
the walls they are a tumblin'
first, a call from momma
never even heard of ya
crazy man, she says
daughter said best teacher yet
uh oh
the walls they are a tumblin' 
then mr. c chimes in
all apologies
uh oh
the walls they are a tumblin'
now it's a real live attorney man
something called 'defamatory per se'
don't have to prove damages
your trust fund won't begin to cover
uh oh
the walls they are a tumblin
yer fucked, jack(ass)

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