[eDebate] hineyland the clown lies like the president

Jack Stroube stroube
Tue Jul 1 12:35:14 CDT 2003

hineyland's search for the primary sources behind the recent guardian REITERATION of 
the NEW (do you even know what new means or are you always just a fucking clown) 
POLL cums up empty just like nearly all of the evidentiary claims the W administration 
has ever made.   how bout that DNA investigation on the convoy that you had to shut up 
over last time.  and korcok the clown went out on his 2 balloon truck theory.

and now hineyland the clown thinks that a POLL FROM OVER A MONTH AGO is the one 
in question.   excuse me, clown, it's not june 1 anymore, HELLO, it's july 1.   
 N -- E -- W spells new dumb ass.  thanks for the link to your total incompetence.   
that's 6-30 and not 5-30.  


i know that you think it's still 5-30 w american troops not getting the electricity back on 
and still having major problems guarding against sabotage of oil production but NO 
HINEYLAND THE CLOWN, it ain't may anymore and the polls really are nosediving.

the number who think the war is going well down 25% treading water just over 50%.
the number who think that being misled would be significant is OVER 50% FUCKFACE 

49% believe coop's thread named "BITTEN IN THE ASS", i.e. US troops will still be dying in 
october 2004

the number of those who believe that THE WAR WAS WORTHWHILE has fallen to tread 
water just over 50%

most don't believe that saddam will be captured.

where in the hell does it reference a MONTH OLD OLD OLD POLL.   you are proving your 
shoddy republican dabait skills for everybody...the fucking story even quotes your end 
of may poll and is talkin bout how the tide is turning against the president and his 
administration.   this is undeniable.    the closed hearings are failing.   good night, 
hineyland the clown.  you lose big time.


> HI, Sadly, Jack once again does not go to the primary sources. If you go to the CNN/
USA Today Poll on the USA Today Webpage...you find that:
> "A USA TODAY-CNN-Gallup Poll taken May 30-June 1 indicated that 56% of Americans 
believed the war in Iraq was justified even without the discovery of weapons of mass 
destruction. Two-thirds said the Bush administration did not deliberately mislead the 
public in taking the United States to war. "
>  http://www.usatoday.com/news/opinion/columnist/raasch/2003-06-12-raasch-
> And, if you go to this link: http://www.gallup.com/poll/releases/pr030616.asp  
> you;ll find the 2/3's cited int he Guardian poll was actually less than two/thirds by 
about 5%, and was only talking about DEMOCRATS.
> Always go to the Primary Source - you should never use wire reports.  
> Duane
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